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    My name is 2k I’m the founder of NYCRavers. My name stands for Too Chaotic, which if you have seen this website I made from scratch you can see I live up to it. I like psytrance, coding and intelligent sexy girls. I dislike liars and thievez.






    jason sacks
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    Hi everyone in Jason ska blue due to the fact I have blue hair whenever I can. In nycr’s lead street team promoter. I can normally be found outside clubs or big events with a bag of fliers. If you see me come say hi and lend a hand flyering its fun I swear. I like happy hardcore, hardstyle, DnB, psytrance, jungle and some dubste. I love anything to do with computers and technology, kikwear (I work for them), people who are real who dress look and act how they want and feel not what is considered normal. I love spunky girls with colored hair and people with good vibes. I hate fake people,haters and theives. Also people with bad vibes and going to the hospital.


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    Hey 2k!! Dope ass name!! I am Kerian Cox aka KCox. I moved to NY in late 2015 from FL, the winters are ridiculous here. I just joined the forum/ community today. Please keep me posted on any new events you have coming up! Take care #Cheers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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