△ Dryad △ : Forest Star Festival 2016 DJ Set – (Psytrance Thursdays)

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A nighttime-to-dawn set that explores a variety of old & new forest psychedelic sounds, ranging from twisted, driving dark vibes, to deep atmospheric, swampy grooves, and finishing off with some more energetic, playful dance floor stompers near the end! I played this set from the darker hours of the night until morning on Midsummer night at Forest Star Festival, which took place in Sweden from 23-27 July 2016. Thank you to the entire Forest Star family for inviting me to play and for the beautiful experience! <301. Atriohm - Rakija [Bhooteshwara Records] 02. Metaphyz - Glaucus Stories [Forest Spirit Records] 03. Nxum - Know Your Enema (GnOhm Remix) [Random Records] 04. Distorted Goblin - Grains [Another Dimension Music] 05. Krussedull - Banana Boat [Yggdrasil Records] 06. Urjasa - Etheric [Hypnotica Records] 07. Reflection - The Sirens Are Coming [Quantum Digits Recordings] 08. Gnawa - Gugu [Tarapita Sounds] 09. Parasect & Psycharge - Malum Arbores [Mushroom Hunters] 10. Psycharge - Into The Woods [Plasmasphere Productions] 11. Kunda Strata - Ratargul Swamp [DopeDeer Records] 12. Drury Nevil - Bolenath [Shaman Electro] 13. Goch - Stalagmite [Forestdelic Records] 14. Krussedull - Whiskeyjack [Yggdrasil Records] 15. Sirtja - Zasipai [Moon Station Records] 16. Dronebixie - Big Bully [Digital Shiva Power] 17. Chudl - Hypnotoad [Shunyata Records] 18. Distorted Goblin - Let’s Get Twisted [Mushroom Hunters] 19. Koala - Air (Kerlivin Edit) [Sonic Chakras Records] 20. GnOhm - Messier 82 [Sonic Chakras Records] 21. Intelligent Monkey - Chandra Natya [Intelligent Monkey Records] 22. Distorted Goblin - Magical [D-A-R-K Records] 23. Schizoid Bears - Rhythm Of My Life [Forest Freaks] 24. Cenotes - Dive [Forest Freaks] 25. Dohm - Lonely Creatures [Mighty Quinn Records] 26. Lysergzwerg - Ancient Knowledge [Quantum Digits Recordings]
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by △ Dryad △

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