2019.21.31 – Connection: A NYE Edition by Kyo Uchida

2019.21.31 – Connection: A NYE Edition by
by Kyo Uchida

Genre : Trance

Happy Aquarius month, & now is the perfect time for an update for 2020! ^_^ (& my DJ set from NYE, perhaps one of the largest highlights for me thus far)

Last year was an amazing year for growth and progress, not only with the DJ-ing & event support I’ve been able to undertake, but also being able to get my own personal tracks to my own standards to be played for a live audience, as well as diversifying into the waters of spinning psydub! 😀

So what to expect from me as we approach the chinese new year… Well, it’s time to work on a lot more music! Of course I will spin when summoned, but nothing can possibly beat when I was able to nail the delivery of my original track at NYE… & well… I want to be the very best that no one ever was! ^_^

I am constantly grateful for all the love & support of so many friends new & old, thank you all so very much for being there for me as I continue forth with my path towards infinite possibilities, & as we enter the year of the rat, let us find great success & may our futures be bright & bountiful! <3 Graphic design by Michael Rodriguez (Tranzendance), utilizing photos from Elizabeth Bryan (Helrazor), Sena Tan (Murk's Smalia), & Maks Fedotov 🙂 Set List: Magic Portal (Electric Universe Remix) - Magik, Alpha Portal Incoming (ShiBass Remix) - Astrix Acid Attack (Shanti v Deedrah Remix) - Outsiders, Freedom Fighters Can You Fly (Original Mix) - Cambium Molecules (Original Mix) - Volcano, Avalon, Imagine Mars Akasha (Original Mix) - Electric Universe, Volcano Proton Waterfalls (Original) - Coral, Altered Beast Eternal Groove (Original Mix) - Coral, Psibindi Disco Valley (Outsiders & Volcano Remix) - Astrix Synthetics (Original Mix) - Audiotec Sorcerers Code (Original Mix) - Coral Deep Ocean (Original) - Jakaan Akira - Requiem (Kyo Uchida Tribute) - UNRELEASED Life Equation (Original Mix) - Animato, Alessandra Roncone Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul remix) - Ovnimoon
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