[Choir Instrumental] Ajaxbeats - Just Got Back From Bulgaria || Chill Trap

[Choir Instrumental] Ajaxbeats – Just Got Back From Bulgaria || Chill Trap

Just Back From Bulgaria is a Chill Trap/ Choir Instrumental layered and delectable slice of Chill Hop and Lo-Fi. Luscious pads, deep booming beats woven with an infectious Bulgarian Choir chant throughout, the sumptuous groovy instrumental is testament to the mood in which he found himself.

2022 has been a year that many would choose to forget for Ajaxbeats. After losing his Father Andrew “Top Gun” Morris and Sister Shontez “Taz” Morris earlier in the year, the DJ Producer and co-owner of NYCRavers retreated into the studio and began creating. This has culminated in an album due for a release in 2023 and the lead single from that collection titled Just Back From Bulgaria.

Rather than coming back in from the cold climate and the turmoil that surround the Eastern European country, this is a track of tender moments created from a world of love and affection. Honoring their memory in exquisite design, Ajaxbeats has created a song of infinite beauty.

Put it in your playlist and become part of Taz and Top Gun’s memory. Not only is it a permanent reminder of the love that Ajaxbeats holds for them, it is a song that sets a new standard for fans of laidback sensory beauty.

Listen to Ajaxbeats – Ten For Taz And Top Gun Here