Colors In The Dark 13 by REXTC

Colors In The Dark 13 by

Genre : Trance

Colors In the Dark 13
(recorded 6/5/2019)

1. Costa Pantazis “Strange Frequencies” Perfecto Fluoro
2. Greg Downey “Razor” (UCast rmx) Skullduggery
3. Luciano Martinez “Old Trick” Aerys Records
4. Mark Norman “Rush” (Paul Denton rmx) Grotesque Reworked
5. Mattias Faint & Alex Mo “Tomorrow Always Comes” MorAlity Records
6. ABYSSVM “Ferus” Eclipse Recordings
7. Rated R “The Purge” Tangled Audio
8. Mark Sherry “Music of the Earth” (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday rmx) Techburst
9. Mark Sherry “Phantasmic” (Tempo Giusto rmx) Outburst
10. Heatbeat “Bebop” Aerys
11. Alan Wyse “Balboa” Aerys
12. Danilo Ercole & Rafael Osmo “Montage” Rielism Elements
13. Mateusz “I’m Back” Aerys
14. John Askew “Black Coffee” (UCast rmx) VII
15. Riktam & Bansi “Out of the Abyss” Iboga
16. Dark Monks “Insane” (Binary Finary rmx) Grotesque Reworked
17. Sam Jones “Keep On” Damaged
18. More Analog “Oxygen” Techburst
19. K&F “Megaterra” Tangled Audio
20. Simon Patterson “Latika”(Beatman & Ludmilla rmx) VII
21. Pakau “Particle” Techburst
22. DJ Wag “Man on the Moon” (Indecent Noise rmx) Grotesque Reworked
23. Simon Patterson “Solo” VII
24. David Forbes “Obscene Filthy” Damaged
25. Giuseppe Ottaviani “Carbon Paper” Pure Trance
26. Smith & Brown “We Got The Funk” Aria Digital
27. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones “Rotavator” (Sam Jones rmx) VII
28. Steve Dekay “Hellraiser” Aerys
29. Hennes & Cold “The Second Trip” (David Forbes rmx) Grotesque Reworked
30. William Daniel & Fu2ra “Back 2 The Program” Damaged
31. Yoshi & Razner “Light In The Darkness” Tangled Audio
32. ??? “a.i.ngel” (i_o rmx) CDR
33. Robert Miles / Binary Finary “The Children of 1998 Come To Make Some Noise” (Vin Vici rmx) CDR
34. Max Freegrant “I Just Wanna Dream” Freegrant Music
35. Ticon “1987” Iboga

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