DJ Guadaloop : Dj Guadaloop - Psychedelic Rave May 2017 - (Psytrance Thursdays)
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Psytrance Thursdays!

Every Thursday New Psytrance Sets have been automagically set up to get posted!

Set I played at Psychedelic rave on the 13th of May alongside Captain Hook, Avalon, Tristan and Killerwatts.

Ace Ventura and Astrix – Pranava (Ranji and Mind Spin remix)
Phanatic vs Spade – Mandala
Zyce and Morten Granau – Shiva
Ace Ventura – Rebirth (Gaudium Remix)
Symbolic – Grim Sleeper
Space Cat – Zodi Yuck
Planet 6 – Your Brain
Rexalted – Imagination
Infected Mushroom and Xerox – Acid Attack (Space Cat remix)
Effective vs Darwish – Break the Cycle
Symbolic – Insidious (Mindfold Remix)
Liquid Soul – Anjuna (Outsiders and symbolic)
Sub6 feat Michele Adamson – Ra he ya (Vertical mode)
Stryker and Starlab – Ilbechin
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