DJ Integrity : It’s A Secret

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“It’s A Secret” is a mix born out of my original and lasting passion for driving underground rave music. Now more than ever, I feel it’s important to redirect focus back onto the art of the DJ mix from the often static sequence of promotional tracks and/or filler material to maintain a presence in the ever-evolving and saturated EDM rat race. I’m nearly exhausted, but I’m still passionate. I still want to light a fire. I want to make a difference. I want to inspire culture. This mix is over 80 minutes of hand-selected and manually mixed hard trance, hard dance, psy trance, and hard house designed to open your mind and get you moving. What’s so magical about authentic rave culture? It’s underground. It’s under the radar. It’s often hidden. It doesn’t follow the rules. It’s A Secret.

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by DJ Integrity

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