DJ Integrity : No Time Like The Present – (Psytrance Thursdays)

Psytrance Thursdays!

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An exclusive DJ mix for Kikwear, No Time Like The Present features 30 hard driving psy trance and acid trance tracks dissected and mixed by hand to create a new journey through the psychedelic rave landscape.

Intro: Integrity and Friends
X-NoiZe- Good Old Days (Basstorm Remix)
Psilocybe Project- Battle Royale
Spectra Sonics- Anarchy
Synthaya- Huyana
Glo- Glowin To Goa
Imaginarium- Amok
Volcano, Imagine Mars- Signals From Earth
Outside The Universe- Alternate Minds
Face Off- Cybernetic Individual
Freedom Fighters- Clockwork (Sean Tyas Remix)
Will Atkinson- Awake (Waio Remix)
Sixsense, Vimana Shastra- 12 Gates
N3xt- Warning
Mad Tribe- Mad Robots
Mad Tribe- Electric Kool A(c)ID Test
Djantrix- Secret Story
Spirit Architect, Djantrix- Hallucinogenic Battle
Lunatica- Book Of LIfe
Djantrix, Rezonant- Twinight
Lunatica- Me In You
Owntrip, Lunatica- Kali Is Born
Lunatica- Drop Modulator
LuciDream- Mind Com
Freedom Fighters, Rocky- Stranger Things
Psilocybian- Third Eye Itch
Alternative Control- R2D2
Breathead- Mind Control
Lupin, Owntrip- Message Of The Universe
Owntrip- Everything Change
Tree Circuit vs NaiLiK- Symbiotic Life
Outro: Integrity and Friends

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by DJ Integrity