DnB Girls Podcast #27 – G-Force by DnB Girls

DnB Girls Podcast #27 – G-Force by
by DnB Girls

Genre : Jungle

Here is episode #27 of The DnB Girls Podcast feat G-Force! April is for the AMENS and we have now brought our lovely listeners two back to back months of east coast junglist vibes chocked full of some serious spring time tings to put that kick back in your step after a winter that has gone on for just too long. Without further adieu here is a special mix by G-FORCE, a force to be reckoned with. Keep your hands and feet outside the ride at all times and buckle down, this one’s going to get heavy.


G-Force (Portland, Maine)


“Stop the Clock” – Whiney
“Breadcrumbs” (Ft. Bop)-  Whiney
“This Style”  –  Shy FX
“Underworld”  –  6Blocc
“Champion Killa”  –  ReDraft x HP Ritch
“Breathe”   –  Dillinja
“The Mad Phunk”  –  L Double
“Bees Knees” (Ft. Malibu)  –  Lynx
“We Were Told” (Ft. Amy Kisnorbo)-Royalson
“Transatlantic”  –  Om Unit, Sam Binga
“Desire”  –  Yazzus & Magnum Larry
“Tomahawk” –  Mahakala
“Deep Darkand Dirty”  – Unglued
“Call The Police”  –  Soundmurderer & SK-1
” Rubadub”  –  Gray
“Lady Killaz”  -Mozey
“Hackers”  –  Metrik
“You Got Me” (Ticklish Remix)  – Sun People
“How I lIke It” – Kumo
“Volume 1” ( Logistics Remix) – Danny Breaks
“Visions”  D*Minds
” Twilight Zone”  – S.P.Y.
“Bounce To The Beat” (Serum Remix) – Todd Terry
“Wish You Were Here”  (Ft. Salah Corbin) 
(S.P.Y Remix) – High Contrast

Hosted by Bvitae
Artwork by Iris – Podcast Compilation by Jams

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