Fᐞ‡⚚ʰ ‡Ӣ †ʰ∃ G⌊‡♱₵ʰ : DI.FM/Electroswing Mix April 2019

Fᐞ‡⚚ʰ ‡Ӣ †ʰ∃ G⌊‡♱₵ʰ : DI.FM/Electroswing Mix April 2019

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DI.FM/Electroswing Mix April 2019 by
by Fᐞ‡⚚ʰ ‡Ӣ †ʰ∃ G⌊‡♱₵ʰ

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1 11 Acorn Lane Stay (Electro Swing Remix)
2 Dimaa Fifthy Fifthy Quartier Latin (Album 2018)
3 Dutty Moonshine Big Band Stick Up (Wittyboy Remix) Most Wanted (Remixed)
4 Odd Chap Timepiece Power Vintage Jukebox EP 2
5 Saint Privat Poisson Rouge (Fredy High Remix)
6 The Young Punx Rhythm Is Wild (Original Mix)
7 TrollPhonik Everybody Want to Be a Cat (TrollPhonik Electro-Swing Edit)
8 Barney Osborn Caravan Jazz Club (Original Mix)
9 Mr. Jazzek I See You Baby (Club Edit)
10 Carlossal Small, Barney Osborn Late Night Advice (Barney Osborn Remix)
11 The Swing Bot Shake Like It’s Coming On (Original Mix) The Last Drive
12 High Step Society The Newest St. Louis Toodle-oo (Extra Medium Remix) High Step Society REMIXED
13 TWOGOOD Organ Joy Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
14 Yas Cepeda Empirico (Markem vs David Tort HoTL Mix) Loca House People Volume 32
15 The Cube Guys Don’t Stop (Extended mix) Juicy Beach 2019
16 Dephicit and The Fritz Fat City Ragtime Records Free EP
17 Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP Soul Makossa (Gambino Sound Machine remix)
18 High Step Society Is You Is (Grid Division Remix) [Extended Version] High Step Society REMIXED
19 Mr. Jazzek Doin’ The Jive (Ft. Glenn Miller)
20 Skank Spinatra Get Down Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
21 Tuxedo Junction Hell Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
22 Mr Stabalina & WBBL To The Ceiling Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
23 Vancara & Bright Idea Curry Sauce Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
24 Odd Chap Spring Time Strolling Vintage Jukebox EP 2
25 Liberty Chaps Fun Addict Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
26 Metacentric Core
27 Dephicit and The Fritz Do You Want to Jump Ragtime Records Free EP
28 Beat Le Juice Day After Day Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
29 DJ Disse, Betina Bager Cheek To Cheek feat. Fred Astaire (Original Mix) Cheek To Cheek EP
30 Kibosh Breaking Blue Freemixed Nuts Vol 06
31 Jive Me Lesson Lesson
32 Saint Cassius Take A Knee
33 Eugene The Cat Seoul Caravan (Faux Fur Remix) Seoul Caravan
34 Gramophone Soul Cool Jay
35 High Step Society Heaven (Dephicit Remix) High Step Society REMIXED
36 Defunk All Over Again (Original Mix) All Over Again

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