Fᐞ‡⚚ʰ ‡Ӣ †ʰ∃ G⌊‡♱₵ʰ : Night.Wav 8.17.19: A Darksynth DJ Mix

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Night.Wav 8.17.19: A Darksynth DJ Mix by
by Fᐞ‡⚚ʰ ‡Ӣ †ʰ∃ G⌊‡♱₵ʰ

Recorded live for @nightwav on 8.17.19
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Spotify Playlist Version: https://t.co/TKdOuHZtsT?amp=1

# Artist Track Title Album
1 Street Cleaner Better The Devil You Know Annihilation
2 0110 The Chronicles of Samus: Vol. I The Chronicles of Samus: Vol. I
3 DEADLIFE A Dream Drawn From the Sheath Singularity
4 I am Sid Mass Psychogenic Illness The Dancing Plague
6 Zuri Stranger Things Theme (Zuri Retrowave Remix)
7 Baddon Parabolic Trajectory Critical Point [EP]
8 Faith in the Glitch Spell of Destruction DJ Edit MSTR1 The Church of Broken Data
9 Popcorn Kid Infiltrate Inception
10 LAZERPUNK Black Lambo [Tokyo Rose Remix] BLACK LAMBO
12 Baddon Critical Point Critical Point [EP]
13 Street Cleaner You Can’t Run Forever Annihilation
14 Inexedra Blue Shift Retrohack
15 Azriel Burning Place Messe Noire
16 ID:null Armed And Mobile Get to the Orange Door OST (ID:null Side)
17 BETTOGH,Cassetter Cassetter – Chased By The Hammerhead Robot (BETTOGH Remix)
18 Magnavolt Corruption
19 Scratch scratch sounds 2 Scratch
20 Electric Dragon Lurker Communion
21 Megadeth Symphony of Destruction Acapella
22 ID:null The Siren Syndicate Get to the Orange Door OST (ID:null Side)
23 Popcorn Kid Sands of Time Inception
24 SXXXTER Evil Eyes Nosferatu
25 Protector 101 Figures (Vaillante Remix) KILLBOTS
26 GosT Ascension S/T
27 Street Cleaner Metropolis Annihilation
29 SeYSMIC Master of Azul Comeback
30 Faith in the Glitch We’re Going to War
31 ulyssio Trash Planet Trash Planet
32 TRIPTIDON Death Carnival Crystallized Terror Pt.2
33 Faith in the Glitch Who is Satan
34 Popcorn Kid My Darkest Hour Inception

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