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Recorded live at @nightwav XXII Jan. 19th 2019 at Saint Vitus Bar, NYC.

1 Murkula Circuit Boy Death Code EP
2 Strat satisfaction @strat_music
3 zabo 02 Schizophrenia @zabo
4 Absolute Valentine DNA War feat Billy Mays Band DNA War feat Billy Mays Band
5 Sierra Two-Headed Birds (Stilz Remix) Strange Valley
6 SWARM Take Me To Hell (Luxide Remix) @luxide @swarm-music
7 MOЯIS BLAK Hereditary (ft. Into The Pale Abyss) Femmes de L’Obscurité
8 SYN 28 Days Later @weareallsynners
9 Varien Blood Hunter @variendarkboi
10 Disturbed Down With The Sickness (SYN Flip)
11 WARD-IZ Interstellar Remake (Extended Mix) @ward-iz
12 Rosso Corsa Records Lazerhawk – Underworld (Legend of Zelda Remix) Lazerhawk – Underworld
13 Faith in the Glitch Spell of Destruction The Church of Broken Data
14 Karluv Klub The Escape All I Want For Christmas Is Bass Vol. 3 @karluvklub
15 Axel Nosferatu Cruel Anxiety Lost Soul
17 Vulta Murder At The Arcade (Ft. Tablation) Off Season Tracks 2
18 REVEL REVEL – Body and Blood (MAGNA Remix) REVEL – Body and Blood Remixes @revel303 @magna
19 Synthister The Enforcer Armageddon
20 Vestron Vulture Killing Teens ’98 Warlock EP
21 Rale Daver DBNO I Am From the Future
22 Oolong Police Heartbreaker (Oolong Remix) Absolute Valentine – Police Heartbreaker (Oolong Remix)
24 Silent Lights Full Moon Rising VampireWave!
25 The Smashing Pumpkins Zero (FitG Remix)
26 Robert Parker ’85 Again (Feat. Miss K) – INDEX CODE Remix Robert Parker – ’85 Again (Feat. Miss K) The Remixes
27 Ethan Wood Lifelight (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
28 Danger 11:17 Origins @2emedanger
29 Glitch Black Superior Firepower Age of Machines
30 Murkula Death Code Death Code EP
31 Das mörtal Falsche Daten Falsche Daten (Single)
32 SurgeryHead Garbage Day @surgeryhead
33 Carpenter Brut Mandarin’s Claws Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom (Original Magazine Soundtrack)
34 DANCE WITH THE DEAD Only a dream Out of Body

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