Frankie Bones : FROM THE DANCE CULT UNDERGROUND – House and Techno Tuesdays

House and Techno Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday until the end of time enjoy hand selected mixes from awesome house and techno djs!

FROM THE DANCE CULT UNDERGROUND. Words from my original 1989 “Call It Techno”. This is the culmination. The highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time. You are getting something special here. It’s one of those moments where people might expect something and wind up getting a little more then they bargained for. Or berghained for.

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by Frankie Bones

NYCRavers is one of New York City’s premier event producers. Originally, an online community of ravers focused on underground electronic dance music around the tri state area; they have produced 100 events over the last decade and are now one of the most respected event production companies in the northeast. As the name promises, NYCR will bring the RAVE.

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