Keena.Maya : LEO LUNAR ECLIPSE – Live @ Dance Lab – 01.18.19

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BASS <<< listen with subs / good headphonesa live set for the Lunar Eclipse in Leo (01.20.19) intended to be experienced as a movement meditation find time and space to listen, with your ears & your entire body open your body to be moved through soundas you move, invite yourself to release energetic ties of the past to step into your power to see your gifts to appreciate those you lovelet go of fear of rejection and accept yourself Leo does not worry about what other's think of her she is fierce and independent embrace your inner Leo, embrace you#BASS #FEELINGSOUND
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by Keena.Maya

* – New to our site

NYCRavers is one of New York City’s premier event producers. Originally, an online community of ravers focused on underground electronic dance music around the tri state area; they have produced 100 events over the last decade and are now one of the most respected event production companies in the northeast. As the name promises, NYCR will bring the RAVE.

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