Rave Legend Sundays – DJ Integrity : Psy Thrash

Its Rave Legend Sunday!

Every Sunday Enjoy sets from DJs whom we consider to be rave legends!

This week we have DJ Integrity !

I grew up respecting the art of the DJ mix. The most influential mixes were well-crafted stories that showcased both the DJ’s ability behind turntables and a mixer and his or her insight into rave culture and what set it apart from anything else musically. All of the mixes I ran into were full length, with some reaching 90 minutes. Above all, the majority were professional. The DJ took the necessary time to design, record, and present a mix that was a proper representation of the underground. In 2013, I still carry forward the same philosophy. “Psy Thrash” has been years in the making. I’ve worked on it off and on until I gathered the right tracks to chop up and hand mix together to bring you a brand new journey. While the 23 tracks I’ve packed into the mix are technically considered psy trance, they cross over into the realm of old school hard trance and acid. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of driving, body-moving, thought-provoking, RAVE music that both respects the old school and embraces the future!

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by DJ Integrity



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