Scope Elementz : See You Space Samurai Promo Mix

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Every 2 days new* full length DJ mixes hand selected by Aeryk NYCRavers! Mainly underground DJ’s who are active or were active in the NYC rave scene!

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Long ago in a distant rave, Mainstream EDM, the shape shifting master of conformity, unleashed an unspeakable lameness into the rave scene. When all hope seemed lost honorable samurai promoters wielding a magic lineup stepped forth to oppose them. Before the final beat was struck, the villains tore open a portal in time and flung the samurai into the future where their lameness is law. Now the dancefloor warriors seek to return to the old school and undo the evil that is the Mainstream.

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by Scope Elementz

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NYCRavers is one of New York City’s premier event producers. Founded in 2007 by 2k, it originally was an online community of ravers focused on underground events in NYC. Over the last decade they have produced 100 events and are now one of the most respected event production companies in the northeast.