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★ Shifter Senses – Hypnotic (Set) ★

Track List
1-Vini Vici & Astrix – Adhana
2-Vertical Mode – Radio Active (GMS remix)
3-Stryker & Mad Maxx – Behind Your Eyes Original Mix
4-Psilocybe Project- Rhythm Of The Gods
5-1200 Micrograms – Are You Ready (Sesto Sento remix)
6-SHiFt – This Way Up (Bionic remix)
7-Cosmic Tone – State Of The Art
8-No Comment – Creatures (original mix)
9-Koxbox – Color Rain (Dickster remix)
10-No Comment – Banzai (original mix)
11-Life Extension – Emotion (Talamasca remix)
12-Sesto Sento – Tick Tock
13-Mekkanikka – Micrograms
14-Vertical Mode – Time Machine (Imagine Mars remix)
15-Symbolic – Orion

★Release 05.01.18 ★

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by Shifter Senses

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