Stress Factor Podcast 300 Part 1 | 3-Hour Best Of | DJ B-12 – December 2022 Drum & Bass Studio Mix by DJ B-12

Stress Factor Podcast 300 Part 1 | 3-Hour Best Of | DJ B-12 – December 2022 Drum & Bass Studio Mix by
by DJ B-12

Genre : Drum & Bass

Hello and welcome to the long-awaited Stress Factor Podcast episode 300 Part 1! We would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and an amazing New Year 2023.

Not only is this episode 300, but it’s also been 13 years in the making because we celebrate our 13th birthday on January 1, 2023. This is going be a 5 part Best Of episode featuring the entire Stress Factor Crew including DJ B-12, DjR1, Scottie B, Ste-J and Tribo, all to be released between Christmas and New Years.

For Part 1, we have DJ B-12 with a blistering 3-Hour long, 106 track best of megamix that is sure to knock your socks off. Brian has dug really deep for this one going back through all this old shows from as far back as our humble begins in 2010. Most of these tracks are from what he likes to call the “Golden Age of New Drum and Bass” 2010-2016.

The tracklist can be found anywhere but Soundcloud, they don’t provide enough space for text to include it. You can find it anywhere else you find this podcast including Simplecast, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Tune-In Radio, iHeartRadio, Amazon and various other places you can find and subscribe to us.

We really hope you enjoy this very special episode and all of its parts. Don’t forget to keep as eye out for all of them.

Links below will take you there. You can also download the full 320k MP3 from Soundcloud hidden under “more”.

This mix contains tracks by, remixed by and on these labels: Sub Jams, Cozi, Drumsound, Bassline Smith, 3beat Records, Gemini, Beta Recordings, Spectrasoul, DLR, Shogun Audio, Kove, Program, Seba, 31 Records, Unknown Artist, Fokuz Recordings, Six Blade, Viper Recordings, S.P.Y., Diane Charlemagne, Hospital Records, Total Science, Riya, Guru Groove Foundation, Mr. Frenkie, Radio Record, Media Land, Metrik, Friction, Culture Shock, Furlonge, Ram Records, The Erised, Bop, Med School, Bad Robot, Subsonik Sound, Brookes Brothers, Breakbeat Kaos, Calyx, TeeBee, Chords, Metro Recordings, Hamilton , Maverick Sabre, Delta Heavy, Mercury, Monsta, Skrillex, Nero, OWSLA, Phace, Neosignal Recordings, Fono, TC Bootleg, Alix Perez, Noisia, Die, Interface, William Cartwright, Lenzman Remix, Clear Skyz, DC Breaks, Above and Beyond, Richard Bedford, Zardonic, Wilkinson, Cube, Nu Electro, Indivision, Livewire, Have-A-Break Recordings, Rudimental, Foxes, Andy, Nookie, Rowpieces, Phuzion Digital, BCee, Rocky Nti, Spearhead Records, Metalheadz Platinum, Fred V, Grafix, Cyantific , Bladerunner, Dread, Fenech Soler, Trippcore, Delta Heavy, Jem Cooke, Loadstar, Matrix, Futurebound, Tanya Lacey, Koncept, All Around The World Limited, Etherwood, McLean , Asylum Records, Blu Mar Ten, Blu Mar Ten Music, Flit, Liquicity Records, Faithless 2.0, High Contrast, Cheeky Records, Enei, Sam Wills, Critical Music, Technimatic, SGNLTD, Dexcell, Katie’s Ambition, Mind Vortex, Rusko, Amber Coffman, Sub Focus, Downtown Records, Alex Clare, EMI], Logistics, NuLogic, Ivy Lab, Hydro, Frank Carter III, Lucy Annika, Let It Roll, Keeno, Subwave, Metalheadz, Julio Bashmore, TC Bootleg, Jupiter Ace, DC Breaks, Big Vision Records, Mediks, Astronaut, Audioporn, Offaiah, 1991, Positiva, Tantrum Desire, The Prototypes, Technique Recordings, 4am, Pilot Records, Unreal, Sign Of The Times Records, Ella Eyre, Virgin Records, Blinkie, Grimm, Jason Burns, Sarah Winters, Love and Other, GMorozov , Ownglow, Bianca, , Sway, Mr Hudson, TC, 3beat Records, John B feat, Ayah Marar, Kiro, Subsonik, Icicle, DJ Fresh, DJ Marky, Ministry of Sound UK, Grades, One More Tune.

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DJ B-12 has crafted a mix that is sure to please any fan of Drum & Bass. He expertly weaves together a selection of tracks that range from classic anthems to the freshest new releases. His mix is full of energy and emotion, and it’s sure to get any listener up and dancing.

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