Trance Wednesdays : The Sound of You(th) 026 (Live in Praha)

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As I reflect on the last couple weeks I got to spend traveling Europe, my mind gave way to a bigger picture, something to frame it all within: all these years and hard work, passion, tears, emotion I’ve put into my music came to a boiling point as I said farewell (kind of) to my international fans for one last series of gigs. I shared some tears and very emotional hugs with some of you and I was able to talk to a lot of fans over the last 2 weeks about their experiences and the moments they’ve shared and created listening to some of the tunes I’ve made over the last decade. It was truly humbling and a short but incredibly meaningful closing chapter in my long DJ career that I will never forget.

Last time I played in Czech Republic was about 10 years ago, so I was really excited for the chance to go back to such a beautiful country and play a producer set (all my music) back where it all began. It was an incredible and unforgettable night with some of my biggest fans in attendance, some people traveling for this event from as far as Austria and even Poland just to share 2 hours with me and my music. So, for all of you who were not able to attend this one, fear not, for it was recorded live and direct from Uhelna Club. Special thanks to the FAR Music Events team in Prague for putting this amazing event together and for the recording, I will listen back to it fondly throughout the rest of my life and remember my day in the sun. Enjoy this 2 hour “Eco-only” producer set, only the second I’ve ever played live in my 10+ year career.


1. MMOTHS – Thx (Eco Bootleg)
2. Eco – If I Survive (I’ll Worship The Moon)
3. Eco – Leaves (Naden Remix)
4. Eco & Breakfast – Wide Open
5. The xx – Intro (Eco Bootleg)
6. Eco – Borealis (Solid Stone Bootleg)
7. Eco vs. John O’Callaghan – Staring At Yourself (Sedna Mashup)
8. Eco vs. Motorcycle – As The Desert Song Comes (Bilal El Aly & Vince Aoun Mashup)
9. Eco – Alonism
10. Eco & Carly Burns – Hurt (Cold Rush Remix)
11. 8 Wonders vs. Eco feat. Radmila – Change The X World (Bilal El Aly Mashup)
12. Eco – Soar
13. Eco – River Song
14. Eco – Echoes
15a. Eco – People
15b. Eco – People (Rafael Frost Remix)
16. Eco – Lost Angeles (Breakfast Remix)
17. Eco – A Cry To The Moon
18a. Eco vs. The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides Forever (XiJaro Mashup)
18b. Eco – Tonight Is Forever (Martin Roth Edit)
19. Eco & Driftmoon – Trust In The Wind
20. Eco – And We Flew Away Again
21. Eco – Light At The End (John O’Callaghan & Thomas Bronzwaer Lost Remix – Martin Roth Edit)

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