Tribal Mage : Tangible Sound

Tribal Mage : Tangible Sound

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Tangible Sound is a mix I had recorded in March of 2017 and had only given away in the form of CD at local NYC events. A little over a year later and I am making this mix publicly available for all to hear!

*Please note that I did not produce or make any of the music on this mix*

Tangible Sound – Various Artists
Mixed by Tribal Mage

Run Time – [54:46]
{Track Listing}
Track Title :: Artist :: [Link]
1.)Hunter (Nelver Remix) – Blu Mar Ten feat. Seba []
2.)Unexpected Interlude (Original Mix) – Villem & Mcleod []
3.)The Party’s Arrived (Original Mix) – Dave Owen & T.R.A.C. []
4.)Sustain Moods (Original Mix) – Funkware []
5.)Liquid Lunch (Original Mix) – Tim Reaper []
6.)Space Sonic (Original Mix) – DJ.DAI []
7.)Unification (Original Mix) – Break []
8.)Prove di groovah (Original Mix) – Jazzatron []
9.)Snowman (Original Mix) – Cryogenics []
10.)Fury (Original Mix) – Chris Cause []
11.)Guerilla (Original Mix) – Loadstar []
12.)Unzip It (Original Mix) – Jayline & Meta4 []
13.)Train Tracks Part 2 (Original Mix) – Tim Reaper []
14.)Well Ruff (Original Mix) – FFF []
15.)From The Heart (Original Mix) – Token []
16.)Badman Flex – Junglord []
17.)Money Fi Kill – DJ Kahncept [Unreleased]
18.)Long Time (Original Mix) – Tim Reaper []
19.)Coca Cola (Ticklish Reboot) – Red Light []
20.)Mute Bliss (Original Mix) – Lynch Kingsley []

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by Tribal Mage

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