2018.10.27 - Spooktastic - Midnight Set by Kyo Uchida

2018.10.27 – Spooktastic – Midnight Set by Kyo Uchida

2018.10.27 – Spooktastic – Midnight Set by
by Kyo Uchida

Genre : Trance

I had a question the weekend before this Samhain, & after this set I recorded at Spooktastic, I have my answer: This last year’s research of who I am, free of suppression, has been a great success. 🙂

Just like this mix, I am not perfectly robotic, & there are flaws that I will continue to be critical of in the name of forward progress (especially of that one transition which is an ever reminder to NEVER bend the rule about layering triplets & 16th notes, even if your beat matching is on point & this is done for a calculated 8 measures). However, despite every single instance of having my reality turned upside-down, here I stand, proud & stronger than ever, eager to keep on fighting as the protagonist of my own story. 😀

Happy Samhain everyone, I hope you enjoy this mix! ^_^

PS: Inherited this red cloak to round out my red dragon phoenix outfit, complete with leather mask, gauntlets, & bags, crafted by McFarland Leather! :3

Set List

Deep Jungle Walk (Original Mix) – Astrix
Cyber Space (Original Mix) – Waio, Symbolic
In Da Jungle (Avalon & Outsiders Remix) – Jumanji (aka Dickster & Eskimo)
Moments of Ecstasy (Original Mix) – Ace Ventura, Animato
Sonic Arts (Original Mix) – Coral, Labyr1nth
Wake Up (2017 Deluxe Edition) – Waio, Killerwatts
Shiva (Original Mix) – Waio, Avalon
Magic Lives Here (Original Mix) – Coral
Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix) – Ace Ventura
Nana (Waio Remix) – Orkidea
The Sun (Extended Mix) – Neelix, Ghost Rider, Caroline Harrison
Moonshine (Original Mix) – Astrix, Avalon
Pranava (Ranji & Mind Spin Remix) – Ace Ventura, Astrix
Acid Attack (Shanti v Deedrah Remix) – Outsiders, Freedom Fighter
Burning Stones (Original Mix) – Astrix, Freedom Fighters
Spitfire (Original Mix) – Infected Mushroom
Time Traveller (Original Mix) – Symbolic, Vertical Mode
Dharma (Off Limits Remix) – Astrix
Colors (Original Mix) – Tristan, Avalon, Vini Vici
Psychedelics (Royal Flush Remix) – Coming Soon
The Tribe (Original Mix) – Vini Vici

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