Graz: Throwback Breakcore Mix (Resident Mix) by Hardcore Junglists United

Graz: Throwback Breakcore Mix (Resident Mix) by Hardcore Junglists United

Graz: Throwback Breakcore Mix (Resident Mix) by
by Hardcore Junglists United

Genre : Electronic

Graz came down to us from sweet Seattle, with infectious tunes everyone gets into and a harder and darker edge for all of you junglists and gabbers out there. Originally more of a digital hardcore / IDM person in the beginning, Graz really fell in love with fast and aggressive music like Atari Teenage Riot and Aphex Twin. From then on he dove into Drum N Bass and Happy Hardcore, but most of his inspiration to spin came from his first rave in 2004 where he saw how powerful music can really be with the right settings.
Graz succeeds in his goal of getting everyone moving on the same floor, having a good time with their friends. An ambassador of the rave, with no allegiance to the politics of the scene and its subgenre squabbles. Graz is here to get everyone goin buck dancing. This particular mix consists mostly of older tracks produced between 2007-2014 featuring an emphasis on mashups and amen breaks.


01 FeyDer – Bad Sound [Mashed Youths]
02 Truxton – 2 Old 2 Sober [Lapfox]
03 Graz – Murdera Anthem [Merryworks]
04 Graz – Magic Rug Cutter [Dance Corps]
05 Graz – Avril’s Cavalcade of Rave [Reactionary & Fukdup]
06 Graz – Democratic Psycho Soaker [Reactionary & Fukdup]
07 Graz – Junglist Mastiff [Reactionary & Fukdup]
08 Graz – Six Fucking Berdie [Breakcore Gives Me Wood]
09 Graz – Dead Alive (Feat. Jumpin & Matterhorn)[Dance Corps]
10 Graz – Mappoint of the Living Dead [Reactionary & Fukdup]
11 Graz – Back Da fuck Up [Reactionary]
12 Graz – Curb Job Block Party [Core Collective]
13 Graz – Maniac [Unreleased]
14 DJ Technorch – Japanese Hardcore (Cardopusher Remix)[Murder Channel]
16 Bandetto – Level Up [Lapfox]
17 Graz – Nightcore Fuck Off [Dance Corps]
18 SNTCH – Bass Get Smooth [Ravertooth Tiger]
19 Fant4stik & Dr. Peacock – Tekill4 [Frenchcore Worldwide]
20 Spongebob Squarewave – Got To Get Down [Chuffin Noise]
21 Graz – Back 2 The Past (Star Motherfucker) [Dance Corps]

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