Acid Resistance by Christopher X

Acid Resistance by Christopher X

Acid Resistance by
by Christopher X

Genre : Acid Techno

Christopher X – Acid Resistance (8-4-2018 Vinyl Mix)


1) OB1 – Techno Anarchist (Rave Yard)
2)Sterling Moss – Ride The Valkyrie (Valhalla Records)
3)Acid Chochi & Marcio M – Acid Cortex (Acid Resistance)
4)Sterling Moss, Chad Parker & Austin Corrosive – Dirty Girl (Flatlife Records)
5)The Dice & Tiddles – Angry Voice [Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Remix] (Beetroot & Stay Up Forever)
6) Steve Mills – Operation Mockingbird (Valhalla Records)
7) Bad Boy Pete – Acid Party [System Rejects Remix] (Getafix & Stay Up Forever)
8) Sterling Moss & Lethal One – Crowd Control (Official)
9) Bad Boy Pete – No Liberators, No Acid Techno [Original Mix] (Getafix & Stay Up Forever)
10) Austin Corrosive – Recharge [Tassid’s Recharge It Remix] (909 Editions)
11) Secret Hero & Lethal One – Sylmar Acid Test (Official)
12) Lethal One – Gangsta Shit (Official)
13) John Rowe & Mellinfunk – The Horror (Valhalla Records)
14) MK303 & OB1 – You Are A Machine (909 Editions)

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