Outlaw 101 Code of Conduct

An outlaw is a party at a random out of the way location that’s not legal. They’re fun, but also can be dangerous and partygoers need to be ninjas while attending…. Originally written years ago by Jessie Free and Co for their supernatural events we’ve gone ahead and rewritten the Outlaw 101 Code of Conduct :


1. Travel in large groups going to/from the spot
2. Wear bright ass neon clothing / kandi when traveling to/from the spot.
3. Park too close (if you are driving)
4. Litter (we will have garbage bags strategically placed)
5. Come Early to the party.
6. Get too fucked up.
7. Steal / Fight / Bring bad vibes.
8. Invite shitty people.
9. Post on social media about it.


2. Wear Black
3. Travel in groups of 1-2 people coming to / from.
4. Bring your own water.
5. Help your friends / other ravers.
6. Bring good vibes.
7. LEAVE NO TRACE!!!! – Clean up after yourselves please so we don’t have to. By leaving places how we found them or better its more likely these types of events will continue to happen.

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