Demien Sixx - Cthulhu Beckons (2k Raview)

Demien Sixx – Cthulhu Beckons (2k Raview)

Cthulhu Beckons is a high energy electro house track with some heavy bass drops with dub-step overtones. This Track is Beautifully layered and unique somewhat reminiscent of old school trance track Second Trip by Hennas and Cold even at points… A hard hitting musical journey awaits you and if you are lucky(?) a crazy inconceivable monster that will drive you to madness just by gazing upon its misshapen face. Demien Sixx really knows how to make inconceivably frightening monsters from your nightmares appealing!

Released by DemSixx Records 2/13/17


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Demien Sixx - Cthulhu Beckons (2k Raview)

In the EDM world, “Demien Sixx” is a name that many people are quickly becoming to know and remember. It hasn’t taken long for the NYC DJ/Producer to build up a strong following of fans, both in the club scene and online. Demien Sixx’s unique fusion of Dubstep, Electro House and Trap is what sculpts his trademark sound, consisting of drum-machine like sounds, tight rhythm sections and walls of bass, surrounded by lush synth melodies and uplifting hooks. His tracks are all about engaging the crowd and liberating high amounts of energy, whether you are enjoying them via the intimacy of your headphones or being thumped in the chest by a state of the art PA system in a club.



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