Get Squanchy Rave Credits

Get Squanchy Rave Credits

Rave Credits are Up for our last SOLD OUT show Get Squanchy check it out :

And thats the wayyyyy the rave goes! After 10 hours of music, 2 awesome venues, free water?!, good vibes and good music we needed a few days of rest… But we’re jumping right into the next one with Happy Hardcore Legend DJ SPREE confirmed for our next show Ballad of Fallen Angels w DJ SPREE ! NYCR events are a community effort and we like to acknowledge those who help us…. Enjoy these rave credits!


We throw events because we love the NYC rave scene and especially what it is evolving into. The people make the event and we had an amazing crowd, hell every event we have thrown in the past 2 years has had a consistent awesome crowd. To all of you who came out and supported us thank you, to all you first time NYCRavers we hope you join us. We will NEVER stop throwing parties and will continue to give our all to helping this beautiful symphony of chaos and magic that is the NYC(R) Rave Scene thrive! – Aeryk NYCR


The following squanchy mofos deserve a place in the rave history books:

Our Great Production Team: Zoe, Jakki, Dani, Gaby, Shokbok and the Rest of our Art/Deco team, SoundSoSweet for Killer Visuals, Euphoric Rush Entertainment for the Lighting, Liz Hogan for doing some squanchy live art, Jimmy Gidwill for providing Free Fresh Fruit for everyone again, Lonni Moon , Shorty Rock and Olivia Rose for Squanchy Dance and Hooping Performances,, Max Glover, Mike Brown, Christian Panda, fred nigmaand the rest of our squanchy setup team, CatchaFireHatPins for some fire hat pin vending, See Bass Photography, RKF Photography and Porcus Photography for Pro Pics (Check NYCR Page soon), Al Purps, Tara Moon and our other Squanchy Promoters and last but not lease Johnathan Makaveli for expert coatcheckness w the bokchoi (and Mo).

All The DJs: Reactor, Integrity, STR8HOUSE, Hardcore Invaders Aka DJ Candykid vs Wink-E, Black Daddy, Dritto, Pot Pocket, Jayanta, Bass Rockwell w Live Guitar by Dan Reptyle!, AnnaKickArse, Felix Bizarre, Gvbrielle, Mikey Crumbs, T3, Ill Diablo, Georgie Vodka, Spryte, Fred “I’ll Never DJ Again” Nigma and Jake “I Retired 500 times” Dukes.

Shout out Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for making the best animated show of our generation.

Most of all thanks to the NYC Rave scene for coming out in force, this is our year lets get squanchy with it!