Hydrotechnics Festival 2017 is back this July 21st to 23rd for its most epic year yet and NYCR Camp will be right at the heart of it. NYCR Camp has been bringing NYC to the wilderness since Desiderata in 2009, since then its been a long crazy road, our biggest achievent being hosting a stage at Electric Adventure in 2015; however our main goal is to provide a dope safe(ish) environment for our friends and followers to party at and congregate.

A note re this year at Hydro : Mark my words I have been to many a festival and watched them grow, this is the year you want to go to. Do it. Embrace true underground rave culture, not that mainstream greedy festival scene garbage! With over 70 underground DJS, an amazing venue, car camping, electricity and a close to NYC location, you really should come with us.