Destruction of the Believers by Dj Darkshinobi

Destruction of the Believers by
by Dj Darkshinobi

Genre : Hardcore

It’s finally done my new mix for 2022 & let me be the 1st to tell ya this trip will let u hear how fucked up my mind works from each track selection as I shows how far my mind goes down the rabbit hole. So with that being said welcome to my therapy session welcome to the “Destruction of the Believers”

Deathmachine – Kill
RVOLT – Xterminate
Djipe – Request Backup
RVOLT & Igneon System – Fucking Noise
Dano & Mr. Madness – Motherfucking Lasko (System 3 All Blood rmx)
Iridium – Demolisher
Frenesesys & Nagazaki – The Doomed Sinner
Negative A – Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
The Motordogs ft. Senes – Eternity Of Darkness (Original Mix)
eDub – Time To Stomp
Contagious Madness – Mindscrew
Detest – Ultra Deth
The Clamps – In The Depths (No One Can Hear You Scream)
Dirtyphonics & Bassnectar ft. Ragga Twins – Watch Out
Nanostorm – Cleaner Ways Don’t Win Wars
Enzyme X – Anonymous
Djipe – No God

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