DJ Integrity : The Shake Down - (Psytrance Thursdays)

DJ Integrity : The Shake Down – (Psytrance Thursdays)

Psytrance Thursdays!

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“The Shake Down” is my latest mix featuring 24 tracks and nearly 90 minutes of psy trance, hard dance, and hard trance chopped up and blended into an expression of my love for underground rave culture. As a DJ of over 15 years, I am a firm believer in the art of the DJ mix and the journey it affords the listener. This mix, as always, is manually mixed with hand-selected tracks and is designed to create an entirely new experience.


Astrix- Poison (Remix)
Cosa Nostra Vs Melicia- El Mariachi
Hazer & Kirtan- Life Is Only A Dream
MazzodeLLic- Kao Xango
Adhd- Crystal Limit
Adhd- Experiences
Ketale- Life on Mars
Yar Zaa- Empathy For The Devil
Spectra Sonics- Children
Exallos- Technologic Shiva
Hujaboy- Giant Spirals
!Fuckyeah!- Visual Overdose
Midiride- Hear you later, Arpeggiator
Hypnocoustics- Altjira Earth
Elektronoid, Spectral Hades- Dance For Angels
Elektronoid, Spectral Hades- Orgasmus
Fierce DJs & Energy Syndicate- Headlock
Monday Never Comes- Get You
Alex Burn- Error Unknown
Psychoziz- Believe
NikkDBubble vs Filthy Kitten- Flap
Rhythmstorm- Herntribe
Spacedragon- Penumbra
EMP- The Cake Is A Lie

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