Eternity 2015
V/A Mixed By DreamMaster
1. “Formula None” Lange (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
2. “Exit Strategy” Ted O’Shay
3. “It’s Killing Me” Heartbeat
4. “Once” Solarstone (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
5. “Shut Up” ReOrder, Skypatrol and Standerwick
6. “Nessus” Chris Schweizer
7. “The Dark Side” Aimoon
8. “101010 (The Perfect Ten)” Jorn Van Deynhoven
9. “Singularity” Berger and Artigas (XGenic Remix)
10. “Divinity” Stefan Viljoen ft Jade McDonald (Spark and Shade Remix)
11. “Sisa” Kayosa and Tolland ft Matt Noland
12. “Homeland” Stephen Kirkwood
13. “See The Sun ft Kate Louise Smith” Matt Darey (Dan Stone Rework)
14. “A Moment To Remember” Dreamy (Steve Morely Remix)
15. “Armadillo” Solis and Sean Truby