Version 4.0 Almost There Version 4.0 Almost There




Social Network

(Private Messaging / Profiles / Walls)…. 90% Complete. Pictures/Video will be re-enabled when we move to new better hosting. We are working on a better User Interface bear with us.

New Picture Gallery System.

Better Functionality and can grab data from all over the web and over social media. Photographers who want to get listed hit us up!

DJ Directory

Now Accepting Submissions!   DJS SIGN UP FOR FREE for a LIMITED CUCAW ONLY!

Add Yourself Today. We will eventually be charging a one time fee for what you can get for free now!

Misc Upgrades…

  • You can now attach files in your messages to each other.
  • Added a Chat to the bottom footer area and Social Network Sidebar
  • We have installed a Downloads System on our servers for music, we will strive to have as much downloadable mixes and content as legally possible.
What’s Next?

Next Up is finishing the events system. We will be integrating rideshare chats for festivals as well as other cool features.Soon we will replace and go hard! We had a nice stress test last week and its looking pretty stable but there are a whole lot more bugs to be found!

If you find bugs and let us know by Posting in the forums you will be rewarded!

Have an idea? Let us know in the forums! has been solely developed by the founder of NYCR : 2k. Embrace the Khaos!