This is the BEST working way to invite all your friends to an event page. If you have another way please let us know and we will list it.


Step 1 : Get Google Chrome

Step 2 : Get THIS ADD ON  – Best auto scrolls your friends or THIS ADD ON

Step 3 : Restart Chrome, Ensure the Add On Is Working.

Step 4 : Go to an event page you wish to invite your friends to and click on invite.

Step 5 : Click on “All Friends” to show all of your friends.

Step 6 : Click on the Invinity Button on the top right (Shown Below) (or the Check icon if you used the 2nd add on)

invite-all-friends-to-faceboookStep 7 :  Once it selects all your friends invite them (PROTIP : Don’t invite the max # cap at 490 and only do invites once or twice a month tops.