HD4AFR2 Raview: Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality 2 by Ajaxbeats Coming June 19th, 2020

12 Fire Tracks of Hip Hop and Drum and Bass


Ajaxbeats Brings The Heat To Your Speakers This Summer with his 12 Track Album : Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality 2.

After giving the world a supreme dose of his undeniably innovative, signature style of hybrid music through the release of his debut record Humid Dreams For A Frigid Reality in 2018 – master mixologist Ajaxbeats returns to surpass even the highest of expectations with the sequel, Humid Dreams for a Frigid Reality 2 (HD4FR2), in June 2020.

With massive crossover appeal and authentically fresh ideas, the lineup of twelve cuts on the upcoming record by Ajaxbeats runs miles deep.  Fusing entire worlds of sound together into savagely unique tracks designed to turn good times quickly into great ones – Ajaxbeats combines intense Drum’n’Bass beats, vibrant & colorful EDM rhythms & grooves, and all-out bangin’ Hip-Hop vibes into sensory experiences listeners can genuinely feel flow from their mind, to their body, to their soul.  HD4AFR2 is stocked full of highly adventurous & exciting music that features powerfully radiant sound selection, textures, & tones that leap straight outta the speakers to keep the party going long and strong from the lefts to the rights.

The multi-faceted sounds and professional skills on display throughout HD4AFR2 reveal the enthusiastic passion, unmatched dedication, and immaculate attention to detail of an artist with a truly unbreakable bond with his craft – Ajaxbeats puts his maximum effort into every single second of every song, without exception.  The results continue to speak for themselves; not only did the Pittsburgh producer break a ton of ground through the release of his first record, but he also established a completely loyal following of supporters that instantly grew attached to the wide range of sound & style in the music of Ajaxbeats.   Seizing the momentum and determined to push his career to the limits and beyond by releasing a sequel that takes absolutely everything to the next-level – HD4AFR2 delivers wall-to-wall audio entertainment through a set-list of songs that raises the stakes from where the original left off, and irrefutably proves that what Ajaxbeats is currently creating right now, is already light-years ahead of the rest in the game.

From the most intense rhythms & dynamic beats, to the serenity of artful melodies & stunningly crafted compositions – Ajaxbeats put the work into Humid Dreams For A Frigid Reality 2, ensuring that his latest material is always his best.  By holding himself to an enormously high standard in the quality of his ideas & the production of his music, Ajaxbeats flexes true finesse in his transitions of style & pace, unafraid to explore the furthest reaches of his own creativity in search of something the people have never heard.

Ready to take over the globe on June 19th, 2020 – Ajaxbeats officially drops HD4AFR2 around the world online at music hot-spots everywhere – circle the date, mark your calendar, and be there to turn UP for a record that bridges the gaps between the boundaries of genres and proves that real innovation is alive and thriving.  This cutting edge sequel is twelve-songs full of confirmation that Ajaxbeats has the audible X-factor that is destined to see him rise above the rest for the effort he puts in; no hyperbole, just facts.

Quite simply – what is found on HD4AFR2 is the future of music – and it’s happening NOW.  Believe it.

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(NYCRavers / Konkrete Jungle / Hardstyle Family, Pittsburgh, PA)

NYCRavers co-owner AjaxBeats is a Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop producer whose music walks the fine line between dark and light. Inspired by his childhood in the dark streets of Bedford Stuyvesant and the uplifting camaraderie of the underground rave scene, AjaxBeats makes music that speaks to people on a primal level yet remains dance-able and club-worthy at the same time.




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