Thugfucker – Mayan Warrior – Burning Man 2018 by Mayan Warrior

Thugfucker – Mayan Warrior – Burning Man 2018 by
by Mayan Warrior

Genre : Electronic

Some believe music can open a portal between universes. And this night, across a vast landscape lit by the imagination of many individuals expressing their own unique visions something certainly did happen. As palm trees floated just in the distance and fire and lasers punctuated the darkness around co-conspirator and revelers, an old friend deeply missed was summoned from across the ether. Celebrated with love amongst friends and strangers alike, this set is dedicated to a dear friend lost too early. With love and respect to Navid Izadi.. we miss you and celebrate you and feel your presence with us still…

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Cover Photo by Jeff Elstone

Cover Design by 
Esteban Armendariz

Mayan Warrior


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