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art:cast #77 by Glowal by
by Torture the Artist

art:cast #77 by Glowal

After a strong – in every way – 2019 and releases on Innervisions, Exit Strategy, Sapiens, Diynamic or TAU, Italian duo Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini alias Glowal kick off the new decade a bit slower but not with less fiery. As winter, or at least what we call winter these days, is in full progress the artist duo delivers a tech-melo art:cast that pushes their musical boundaries as far and fast forward as lush bass lines carry the audience through this 66 minunte lasting sound experience. Glowal’s art:cast is both, a homage to the dance floor and an invitation to fully depress the gas pedal as the Alessandro and Fabio musically switch between sophisticated tech-tunes and catchy vocal-ish takes that form the aforementioned symbiosis of creating pleasuring moments in and outside of dark sweaty walls.

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