War Journal Podcast (September 2019) by DJ Venom

War Journal Podcast (September 2019) by DJ Venom

War Journal Podcast (September 2019) by
by DJ Venom

Genre : Hardstyle

DJ Venom War Journal Podcast
Entry: September 2019
Each month, Venom brings you his WAR JOURNAL PODCAST! A full hour of floor banging hard dance!
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1. DJ Venom’s September 2019 Megamix Intro
2. Da Monty – “Rave” [Ostends Rave Front]
3. Amkiz feat Mr. J@CK – “X.T.C.” [Back n Jump]
4. Morphine – “Supernova” [Baby’s Back]
5. Flashfinger/ Kill5Squad feat Safira K – “Silence” [Discovery]
6. TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy – “Gung” [Q-Dance]
7. Cusso One – “Superscientific” [Hammer Tracks]
8. Ed E.T and D.T.R. – “Revrse It” [Loverloud]
9. Stormerz – “Be the One” [Lose Control]
10. PRDX – “Promises” [Derailed Traxx]
11. Aranxa – “Let’s Go” [K1]
12. Maaz – “Drop It” [Save the Rave]
13. Degos & Re-done – “Diving” [Nightbreed]
14. Crystal Mad – “Indestructible” [Nightbreed]
15. Enemy Contact & Hardstyle Pianist feat Up – “The Transformation” [Scantraxx]
16. Cyrex & Restless – “B.O.S.S.” [Upcoming]

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