War Journal Podcast (October 2019) by DJ Venom

War Journal Podcast (October 2019) by DJ Venom

War Journal Podcast (October 2019) by
by DJ Venom

Genre : Gabba

DJ Venom War Journal Podcast
Entry: Octoberber 2019 Halloween Hardcore Edition
Each month, Venom brings you his WAR JOURNAL PODCAST! A full hour of floor banging hard dance!
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1. NeoX & K-nock – “Life Flashes” [Enzyme]
2. Reevoid – “Blessed” [Traxtorm]
3. Stereotype – “Abracadabra” [Dogfight]
4. The Fuze – “I Feel the Bass” [Next Cyclone]
5. Angerfist & Stereotype – “Primal Instinct” [Masters of Hardcore]
6. D-Fence – “Bounce” [Neophyte]
7. The Melodyst – “Morte E Vita” [Traxtorm]
8. Chemical Gorilla & Reevoid – “Bounce” [Disobey]
9. Breakstyle – “Peace Act” [Disobey]
10. Rebellion & Deadly Guns – “Misery” [Scantraxx]
11. Sacrificial Pact – “Ragga Bond” [Machinecore]
12. Hellfish – “Fish Rulez” [PRSPCT]
13. Lady Bex – “Push the Pedal” [Chosen Few]
14. Unit – “Persian Raver” [Audiodeadact]
15. The Sickest Squad – “IN98” [Brutale]
16. Neutronix – “Shekalaka Bunz!” [Hell’s Recording]
17. D-Frek “Eye of the Tiger” [Le Bask]

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