△ Dryad △ : Into The Swamp Of Trolls (Visionary Shamanics Radio Show Mix) - (Psytrance Thursdays)
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Psytrance Thursdays!

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A special swampy forest set for the Valentine’s Day Visionary Shamanics Radio Show. Starts off groovy and playful before venturing into deep swampy landscapes and ends with a bit of Scandinavian magic. I had a lot of fun with this one 😉

01. Flipknot – Eva Zandora [Parvati Records]
02. Petran – Moondance [Turbulent Tentacles]
03. Taakelur – Graveyard [Visionary Shamanics]
04. Paracusia & Chudl – Dark Fluid [Visionary Shamanics]
05. Hutti Heita – Fruitcake [Yggdrasil Records]
06. Akkma – Jungle Dance [Visionary Shamanics]
07. Gnawa – Gugu [Tarapita Sounds]
08. Strix Aluco – Groundsurfing [Amaya Productions]
09. Spirituz – Wake Up Dino [Hypnotica Records]
10. Time For Slime – Apparater [DVSM Records]

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