DJ Venom : War Journal Podcast (January 2019)

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DJ Venom War Journal Podcast
Entry: January 2019
Each month, Venom brings you his WAR JOURNAL PODCAST! A full hour of floor banging hard dance!
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1. DJ Venom’s January 2019 Megamix Intro
2. Riran – “Let’s Play the Game” [Invaderz]
3. Giovani – “Woodpecker ” [Moon]
4. Kairos & Francesco Zeta – “Kobara” [Loverloud]
5. The Saraphim – “Cash Out” [Divergent]
6. DJ Spoon – “Everything 2 Me” [Baby’s Back]
7. Komet – “Up & Down” [Promo]
8. Retrospect – “Make Me Stay” [Scantraxx]
9. Mysterious Devil – “The Street” [Mixx FM]
10. Hardfry – “Akasha” [Sikkdome]
11. Back to Basics – “I’m With Your Love” [Hard Music Gold]
12. Necroformers – “Turn the Volume” [Invaders Diamond]
13. Frequencerz – “Alright” [Roughstate]
14. Genox – “Conquest” [Spoontech]
15. Invictuz – “Seizure” [Massive Dynamic]
16. Arzadous & The Straikerz – “Pain” [Gearbox]
17. Christian Reindl feat Atrel – “Claim Your Weapons” [A2]
18. The Victim – “Underground” [Nutty Traxx]

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by DJ Venom

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