Rave Legend Sundays : The War Journal Podcast (February 2018)

Rave Legend Sundays : The War Journal Podcast (February 2018)

Its Rave Legend Sunday!

Every Sunday Enjoy sets from DJs whom we consider to be rave legends!

This week we have DJ Venom !

DJ Venom War Journal Podcast
Entry: February 2018
Each month, Venom brings you his WAR JOURNAL PODCAST! A full hour of floor banging hard dance!
For booking info, music and video,
visit: www.djvenom.com
follow: www.twitter.com/djvenommusic
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1. DJ Venom’s Febuary 2018 Megamix Intro
2. TK/KOK/Andy L – “Power Supply” [Echo Stage]
3. Pulsatorz – “Equation” [X-Bone]
4. Lady Faith feat Szen – “Take You Away” [Scantraxx]
5. Memorize & Mickey G – “Osprey” [Gearbox]
6. Kit Hype – “In My Head” [Foolish]
7. Rebourne – “NO1ZE” [We R]
8. Activist & Malfunction – “Bass God” [VNTG]
9. Zatox – “Nasty” [Dirty Workz]
10. Theo Gobensen – “Hypemachine” [Q Dance presents NEXT]
11. Clockartz – “Delirium” [Delirium]
12. Alex Kidd Starx – “Anarchy” [Harsh]
13. Genox – “Make You Fly” [Spoontech]
14. Shadowfact & DV8 Rocks! – “Ring of Fire” [Foolish]
15. Requiem- “My Style” [Fusion]
16. Masters of Ceremony – “Rocking with the Best” [Nightbreed]
17. The Machine – “Animals” [Gearbox]

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by DJ Venom



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