Cowboy Funk

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Salutations Fellow Space Travelers,

We’re almost sold out of Presale Tickets however due to the large # of our friends and fans who asked to pay cash we’ve decided to set aside some tickets at the door rather than sell the rest online….

If you bought a Presale ticket you will get the Brooklyn Location in your inbox at 4:20PM; its super easy to get to and not far from Manhattan.

If you did not buy a Presale you need to fill out the below form which will sign you up for our website’s social network.

We will e mail a majority of people who sign up via the form later in the day after 5PM and then we’ll check every hour or so tickets at the door will be first come first serve so come early if you want to get in… HOWEVER, if you come and we are at capacity we’ll take down your # and then when we aren’t at capacity anymore we will hit you up. There are nearby diners and bars for you to chillax at while you wait.

remember if you buy presales you wont have to bother with all this stuff



P.S. If you already have an account on our site and want the info… Message us on the NYCR site! (New Messaging system)