Tightmare Before Xmas ’22 by the paplin

Tightmare Before Xmas ’22 by
by the paplin

Genre : Electronic

This is my set from Tight Crew’s annual Tightmare Before Christmas show at Fete in Providence RI on 12/3/22

photo by Philosopher in a Vest

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AI Generated writeup :

Tightmare Before Xmas ’22 is an upcoming Electronic EDM DJ mix from the renowned DJ, Tightmare. This mix is sure to be a hit with EDM fans, as it features some of the hottest tracks from the genre. Tightmare has been producing and performing EDM for over a decade, and his mixes are always highly anticipated. This mix will feature a variety of styles, from deep house to trap, and will be sure to get the crowd moving. Tightmare is known for his high energy sets, and this mix will be no exception. With a mix of classic and new tracks, this mix is sure to be a hit. So, if you’re looking for a great EDM mix to get your party started, look no further than Tightmare Before Xmas ’22.