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When cardsharks and DJs switch places

Poker pro Vanessa Rousso in music clubs, electro house artist Steve Aoki in casinos

Just like the cosmopolitan atmosphere of NYC, electronic music also has a universal appeal that draws people in from all walks of life. Poker aficionados are no exception to this: pros such as Carmel Petresco, Steven Chao and Marcus Wyskovsky are big electronic music fans. Enjoying this musical genre is their way to unwind before and after poker matches. And as these players develop friendships at music festivals and clubs, DJs and music fans are also encouraged to hit the poker tables. The examples of Vanessa Rousso and Steve Aoki depict how cardsharks and DJs can switch places.

Vanessa Rousso
ATKD099 - Frank Pellegrino "Many Things" (Dank Rmx)(Preview)(Autektone Dark)(Out Now) by Autektone Records
Over the years, Vanessa Rousso has earned a reputation as one of poker’s toughest female players. Her exploits at poker tables, including her single $700,000 cash-in at the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), has catapulted her to’s 4th highest-earning female poker player of all time. Her high-rolling appearances in other elite competitions such as the Partypoker Premier League and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) further galvanized her place in the world of poker.

But just as her stock rises in the international poker scene, Rousso in 2011 made a 180-degree career turn and threw her stakes into the electronic music stage. Once an avid listener of French house and Moby during poker competitions, Rousso teamed up with renowned Las Vegas DJ Lisa Pittman to create the duo Deuces. The pair became an instant hit in clubs and poker events not only in Las Vegas but also across the US and Europe.

In 2013, Rousso reached a milestone with the release of her debut solo album “Lady Maverick” – a compilation of her self-made remixes and compositions. While she remains a visible force in bigtime poker competitions, it seems that Rousso hasn’t give up on electronic music just yet. With her weekly gigs and countless studio recordings, Rousso proves that she will be a serious electronic music artist for a long time yet.

Steve Aoki
ATKD099 - Frank Pellegrino "Many Things" (Dank Rmx)(Preview)(Autektone Dark)(Out Now) by Autektone Records
While Vanessa Rousso is a new name in the music world, Steve Aoki has been rocking electro house fans for almost 2 decades now. The American-Japanese artist began his career as a DJ with the duo Weird Science (alongside Blake Miller of the dance-punk band Moving Units). After years of numerous tie-ups, Aoki in 2008 launched his first solo album “Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles” that garnered the attention of electronic music fans worldwide. His most recent album, “Wonderland” (released in 2012), earned him a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Album. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with international DJs such as The Bloody Beetroots, Tiesto and Afrojack.

Aside from his music engagements, Aoki keeps himself extra busy by hitting the poker floor. His close friendship with 9-time WSOP champion Phil Ivey has made Aoki a skillful player at poker tables. He even made a surprise appearance as one of the special commentators at the WSOP. In one of his interviews, Aoki described himself as a “fiend” of the poker table. And yet, he also uses his love for poker to interact with music fanatics, like the “Holy Ship” Poker Cruise that he hosted for his avid fans.




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